Welcome to Guides

Need help or guidance using Houdini? You are in the right place!

This section contains posts that cover fundamental principles to help you build your projects.

  • Release Notes - A summary of the updates for every major and minor version
  • F.A.Q. - Answers to common questions such as “Why Houdini?”
  • Plugin Directory - A list of plugins you can add to your houdini project
  • Working with GraphQL - An overview of the different ways you can leverage GraphQL
  • Setting up Your Project - Instructions for setting up your project
  • Pagination - An overview of Houdini’s support for loading long lists of data
  • Loading States - An overview of the strategies you can use when building loading states.
  • Caching Data - A summary of Houdini’s caching behavior
  • Authentication - An overview of Houdini’s session and authentication infrastructure
  • Uploading Files - A guide on handling file uploads via mutations
  • Persisted Queries - A guide on persisted queries (including APQ)
  • Typescript - An overview of the TypeScript API
  • Contributing Guide - A guide written for people looking to contribute to Houdini
  • Architecture - An overview of Houdini’s architecture for people building plugins

Our goal is for you to experience a new level of ease and efficiency in your application’s data handling. Do not hesitate to give us any feedback if something was confusing or felt weird.