Plugin Directory

This document contains a directory of some plugins that are available for your application. If you have a plugin that you would like us to add to this list, please reach out on Discord or GitHub.

Client Plugins

Houdini comes with some plugins that are available by default through $houdini/plugins:

  • subscription creates a subscription using a client that you provide.
  • mutation adds features like optimistic responses. This is included by default.
  • query adds cache reactivity to query documents. This is included by default
  • fetch resolves a network request using a standard HTTP request. This is included by default.

Codegen Plugins

  • houdini-svelte: Svelte bindings for the core houdini framework
  • houdini-plugin-svelte-global-stores: Add global stores to $houdini. For more information on the plugin or valid config parameters, visit the project here.